How to use My ECONPAS:

  1. Log-in
    Log in to your new My ECONPAS account with the information you have received from the MGSE PhD Office.
  2. Password change and account information
    Please complete your account information as soon as possible. Please change your password after your first log-in and save it by clicking on "Save". You will find your account on the navigation bar in the section "User menu" by selecting "My Account".
  3. PhD Registration
    Please complete and submit your PhD registration as soon as possible. You will find the PhD registration form on the navigation bar in the section "My Doctorate" by clicking on "My Progress" and selecting "PhD Registration" in the progress tree. Please complete the form filling in all necessary fields on all tabs. All fields marked by a red asterisk are mandatory fields. Please make sure you save your content regularly. The content will not be saved automatically. To edit your content after saving, please click "Edit". You can edit your entries any number of times.
  4. Upload files
    Please upload all necessary files and be aware that only non-encrypted files smaller than 5 megabytes can be uploaded.
  5. Submitting your PhD Registration
    Please click on the button "Submit", which you will find below the form in the editing mode. Your registration can only be handed in if all mandatory fields have been filled out. After handing in your registration it is no longer possible to edit it.
  6. Acceptance as a doctoral researcher
    As soon as your registration has been checked and accepted by the MGSE PhD Office, you will receive a notification by e-mail.
  7. University registration (matriculation)
    Please be aware that registration (matriculation) as a doctoral student by the Office of the Registrar (Studentenkanzlei) or the International Office requires further steps. Please note the information provided by the homepages of the Studentenkanzlei (for "Bildungsinländer") or the International Office (for "Bildungsausländer"/foreign students). Once you have received the e-mail mentioned above (see 6.), you can download the "Bescheinigung zur Vorlage bei der Studentenkanzlei" and (as a foreign student) the pre-filled form "Application for admission for international applicants with foreign academic qualification". You will find the document(s) in the progress tree by clicking on "My Progress". You will need the document(s) for university registration (matriculation).